Making website content to stregthen your brand in key(word) areas will not only help SEO, it will also...

  • Help convert more visitors into prospects (get more contact us / price quote action) by clearly pointing out benifits specific to them.
  • Get more repeat business from your current customers by increasing their awareness of everything you have to offer.
  • Make it easier for people to enguage in 'word of mouth' marketing by giving them easy to remember verbage that describes your brand.

Here is an example for our client

SEO becomes more effective as your brand gets stronger.  Below are some early guidlines for strengthening the Heavenly Times brand.  Specific items are intended as examples or starting points for working toward the best option.

Taglines & Slogans

Using slogans like "Heavenly Times in the Colorado Hight Country" and "Engineered for the Colorado High Country" will open up an entire section of the website about "High Country" that will in turn help with SEO and Branding for a larger area including Breckenridge, Vail, Eagle, Edwards, Leadville.

We will continue to use 'Make Every Time a Heavenly Time' and 'Sell the Best and Service the Rest.'  We might also add slogans like 'Heaven in the side pocket' and 'Heavenly Service.'

Product Names & Categories

Creating a product category for everything you offer and/or the products that are not Hot Tubs & Billiards will incease awareness for current and new customers.  The goal being to plant the seed for adding more of what you offer to their High Country Home, and getting the sale when they make the buying descion.

I think the title of the category is worth some discussion.  If there are words that are being used by your staff, or in other advertising that is a great place to start. Of the ideas we have had so far 'Home Leasure' is the shortest  and 'In-Home Recreation Products' is the longest.



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