The bigger the project...
the greater the risk and return.
the more important it is to understand long term vision and goals.

Project Management Work Flow


Account Access and Security

Get as needed can slow things down (posibly reducing retrun) and reduces risk.  The more people that have access to an account the more it takes to sort out secruity issues.


Pay us to do it:

we prefer you change your passwords before sharing (and after)  it.

we will get your account passwords over the phone becasue this is the most secure way

we will set up access so that we have our own user and password

If you changed your passwords you can change them back (or better yet to new ones) or we will change them for you.



If you want to do it youself it shouldn't take long.  Here are the basics:

Google - Give full Google Analytics access to From there we can also get access to your Google Search Console

Others SAAS (WordPress, GoDaddy) - Set up a new user for

Google My Business?

Facebook - Give Access to

Linked In - Company page, Personal Pages

Other Social Media Accounts - Yelp, YellowPages




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