“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half.” 
John Wanamaker (1838 - 1922)


The bigger the project...

the greater the risk and return.
the more important it is to understand long term vision and goals.

Start with Low Risk projects.

Risk and Return
Easier to measure only money, but more accurate to measure money and time.

Measuring dollars and hours vs. rate of return.

High -100% to 1000%
Med -50% to 100%
Low -10% to 10%

Never a 0 risk. Usually hidden risk.
If I bend over to pick up that quarter I risk 3 seconds to get a quarter. If the quarter is stuck to the ground I loose 3 seconds.
Hidden risk: If I throw out my back I loose even more time.

Time = Money when you are paying someone to do a task

As a business owner or marketing manager
-Things only you can do
-Prioritize things others can do - Cost vs. Quality


Getting to page 1

It's like running an obstacle course marathon

Google sets  the obstacles.  some are predictable some seemed random. Some we are prepared for some we have to scramble to find the tools to get over them  

on page 4 or 5 it’s mostly amateurs

Passing the amateurs was easy but somewhere on page 2 we are catching up to professionals

If we run the same speed we're still behind them. we have to run faster to pass them

We don't really know how much faster they will go when we push them

We don't know who will have the right tools when we get to the next obstacle

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